STYLE: New Hair with Ion Brights Mint


Florals OOTD
top/belt/shoes- thrifted  skirt- bear & twine

October flew by for me. It makes me a little sad! I hope I can get on top of things soon. It's really difficult for me because I've feeling this heaviness all over my body and can't force myself to get back into routine yet. I wonder if it's because of the season change.

I have added a few goals onto my list and I'm putting time aside to learn new things to prepare for it! One is learning to draw in general/digitally and challenging myself to draw one piece each week.

I have been watching two Korean dramas this month. The first one was Who Are You? and it's about a detective that woke up from a coma with the ability to see ghosts. It's interesting if you're into crime/horror/mystery/romance. Yes all of that in there! haha I'm currently halfway into watching The Master's Sun. It's the typical drama with ghosts thrown in. Girl begins to see ghosts after an accident and crosses paths with a CEO jerk~ The ghosts in this one sometimes look ridiculous, use google images if you're curious! Both are on Hulu.

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