Workout Routine

My arms are going to fall off as I type this. I started a routine only a few months ago and always set aside one hour for it. I know time is a huge excuse for everyone and I felt like that too. I'll rather prioritize my health, wake up early or put something off one hour later. It's difficult to believe how much energy you get out after a good routine when you're starting off and you feel like death.

I'll love to post more of what I'm doing and hopefully change things up! Summer seems like a pretty reasonable time to reach my goals.  Take it slow, gain strength and maintain the results.

I like Blogilates the best because there's new calenders every month and all you have to do is put those up in tabs. There is a beginner calender available on the website!

I'm up for the challenge to follow October's calender. Each day focuses on one part like legs, core, arms, etc. There is a recovery day every Friday with stretches. I'm thinking of swapping recovery day for the morning of a hike!

I hate cardio and push planks so I actually skipped to next Thursday's workout hahaha. Maybe I'll magically gain the strength to complete those later.

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