Another typical print

Ion Brights Mint and Lavender

This is drastic but not an impulsive cut. I have been wanting this for too long.. so glad I did this over some long layers. It's much more soft, bouncy and light. Cut is done by  @colorriot!! It has more life to it in comparison to that long, limp mess that was going on.  It needs more pink eventually, right? haha

 Ion Brights Mint and Lavender Ion Brights Mint and Lavender

This dress is new on the blog! I really liked it at the time and got it anyway when it was one size smaller.   I can manage to fit in it but it requires another person to fully zip me in and out of it.  I love that it's fitted but prefer getting out of clothing easy. Not sure if this is going in my keep pile or going in my shopmycloset instead.

I realized quickly that two sweatshirts weren't going to be enough in this weather and today my package should come!  I don't really have a right to complain about the cold when it's snowing for some of you.  It's been barely below 70 degrees and my hands just turn into ice.  /baby

I plan to make some fingerless gloves! I haven't made any before but I am definitely having a ton of puff stitches in it. I'll share pictures when it's done :D

Happy Tuesday!

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