Fawn Header + New Design

How often do I change my design? Too much! I wanted to try something new and challenge myself with drawing, coding and using a new color palette. It's funny how I used to stray away from pinks but now I'm putting it more into my work and being open to wearing it!

This was my color palette that inspired me:

I wanted to complete this in a few days and it was a struggle since I'm not too creative under a deadline. Simple designs are much easier than mixing colors and doing illustrations.

That font used in my menu and this palette will be available to download soon! Plus a few others I made too. :) 

When I created this blog, I quickly doodled a fawn and tried to put it into the design to see if it would work. Nope. Didn't like it one bit.  I turned it into my favicon though!

But here we go... this is something different! Of course it needed floral. I'm counting this header as my third piece for my weekly art challenge. Last weekend was my boyfriend's birthday and a day after was a rare moment I got sick... so definitely didn't go online to draw haha

I didn't share last week's art challenge, whoops!  I'm such a master at shading, you guys. Hair is so complicated.

Have you changed your design yet or are you waiting for the new year? :D

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