Mostly Monochrome

Black & White Floral 3

I put this crop top over my cat face dress and put a belt over it to hold it into place. Win!! I'll love if this was a dress instead since this top is really short! This is mostly monochrome... I think this is a good enough excuse to start looking for some black boots and a bag. Those two things I prefer thrifting for.. I always find something I like!

Black & White Floral- Bag
Black & White Floral - shoes
top/shoes- forever21  dress-ebay  bag/belt-thrifted

Black & White Floral 2

I'm going to do the Curly Girl Method (again) to enhance my natural waves. Those were pretty wild when I had the longer hair and it was just so weighed down. I can get more defined and bouncy results now. I'll share any products and hopefully convince others to stop using those sulfates and silicones. Good thing my scalp is already used to it because the transitioning period is gross.

If you didn't notice my awesome nails over instagram... it's Kiss Everlasting French tips in PETITE. I have never found something that could fit my tiny nails ever. The glue is alright, must find something better.

Counting down the days until I can get my own laptop! It'll be nice to cuddle up in blankets with the pups during winter or be next to my boyfriend on the bed while we work or play Maplestory. It's been months without playing and I'll like to *finally* get beyond the level 100+ range. I am sure my butt of a boyfriend will want to make a new character. Booooo

Black & White Floral

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