Band Tops for the Ladies

I came across Black Heart Lingerie's site and  found some band tops/muscle tees!  I used to wear those boxy band tees from HT so it's nice to find fitted tops at an affordable price. Usually you can find something on Etsy but it's reconstructed into a tube top or a halter dress. Which are the two things I can't really wear comfortably haha.

I had to get a few during Black Friday because yes. Mostly everyone is broke by the end of the year. How does one afford gifts for everyone?!  The site is still having sales from 20% to 40% off!

Black Sabbath / Judas Priest / Iron Maiden

Pantera / Ramones / Iron Maiden

Metallica / Slayer / AC/DC
I know this isn't band related but I did find a Star Trek top on Forever21's website. It's sold out now :( but they do have a sweatshirt available!!

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