Style: Polka Dots & Grid

top/leggings- forever21  shoes-thrifted pin- gift  ring-ebay

Thank you, Eloise!!!

More pink was added by using some Special Effect's Burgundy Wine! Too bad it's already fading thanks to some unexpected rain showers. :|

I have been using the PumpUp app for my workouts. You can choose a routine based on the equipment you have whether it's gym or at home with dumbbells or nothing. You have your warmup, routine and cool down.. it's all timed! You choose the amount of reps, weight of dumbbells and you click the button when you're ready/done. This app is amazing!

 I'm not used to having a routine with rest breaks especially with Blogilates. I'm able to workout longer with more strength. Currently trying to do the advanced option and trying to get a 30-50 minute in nearly daily. Mostly pushing myself to do tons of reps with my baby 5 pound dumbbells and some core circuits. It's shocking to see faster results within only two weeks. I love that I'm able to log in other activities too. It's basically an instagram for fitness haha

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