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Waist training has become popular over the last few years. I'll like to mention first that Kim Kardashian and those other celebrities are NOT wearing actual corsets. I don't view that as waist training when it doesn't have proper steel boning or even have any sort of curve.  Sorry to disappoint! Too many people wasted money on those crap waist trimmer things. It's those rubber latex fajas. Most people just lose water weight, use it to work out in and it's just not safe.  I prefer my skin without fungus, thanks. The Kardashians have curves or a big booty to begin with and proportionally make their waist appear smaller.

Too many articles are written by people who get their information based off of myths, rumors, preferences and ignorance.  One article had a woman try out a "corset" for ONE month when it was actually a faja.  Another article actually used a corset but didn't follow instructions properly because it should never hurt.

This is a gradual process. If there's pain involved then you are not doing it right or your measurements don't fit with "off the rack" corset sizes.

You can't get the same results by using those fajas with those 3 rows of hooks and low quality boning. There is no curve and it looks lumpy IMO. A proper corset will feel sturdy, have steel boning and give you that curvy silhouette. You can usually see more curve definition within 3 months of wearing it consistently. 

29" inch waist wearing a 24" corset

You can wear a corset to improve your posture and help you be supported if you work at a desk all day.  You want your natural waist size to reduce and get more defined curves when you aren't wearing a corset. It's a smoother silhouette underneath your clothing and an instant bust lift.

You don't HAVE to do extreme reductions if it's not your preference . There are many soft curve corsets out there if you're looking for a low reduction size.

A corset will compress on your stomach and this will make you feel full quickly so you will develop new eating habits.  You will basically eat more smaller meals. Some people have reported some weight loss with this.  It's also been around for post partum belly binding.
      Orchard Corset Wasp CS-301 in Purple Satin
      Orchard Corset Wasp CS-301 in Satin
      closed 22" corset vs initial seasoning on 27" waist

      A new corset needs to be worn loosely for 1-2 hours for at least 2 weeks. This gives it time to slowly form to your body and you will notice it become less stiff upon each wear.  When you're lacing up, your gap behind should be two parallel lines.

      Brocade fabrics are really sturdy and can take up to 3 weeks to season. Cottons are 2 weeks while satin and mesh can feel less stiff in 1 week.

      Tightening too quickly can not only hurt your own body but your corset.  Comfort is important.

      Corset vs without corset


      I season my corset, wear it up to 5 hours then increase to longer hours during the day.

      Wait 30-60 minutes after lacing up for your body to adjust and you can cinch down more. My reductions were slow and based on the comfort of my body starting with 1/2 an inch to 1". Each reduction could take week(s).  Listen to your body!

      Others tighten or loosen their corset based on how they felt that day. Some days you can't tighen as usual due to bloating or some other reason.

      People tightlace and cinch down tightly for a certain amount of time. I'm waist training so I'm taking it slow so I can wear it for longer hours.
      • Once you get to your desired size, you have to continue wearing the corset to maintain it.  You can shorten your hours and days but staying consistent is very important in keeping your results.  Someone had described it's like having braces then getting them off and needing to wear your retainer afterwards.


      Back pain and bad posture are usually relieved with wearing a corset.  If you have scoliosis then please consult a doctor if you have medical concerns.   Be safe by doing small reductions and taking your time. There shouldn't be any pain and if there is then your body didn't adjust so loosen up and be patient.

      You can breathe fine since your stomach is being compressed and not your upper chest/lungs. Misinformed people always argue about corsets damaging organs yet they forget that with pregnancy your organs move to accommodate an expanding uterus. Both which don't happen overnight. ( MRI's comparing the two)  Did you know your organs move when you go to the bathroom too?


      A corset is not a diet. There are cases of people losing weight because of the compression and their stomach can't take in as much food. I had to adjust my own portions too but I haven't personally lost weight.    It's important that you drink more water to stay hydrated. Your movement is already restricted in certain corset lengths so it's not recommended to exercise in your corset.   Take it off and exercise without it to keep your core strong.  Relying on a corset for long can actually weaken your abdominal wall.


      This are number sizes, it's not letters.

      Straight sizes order 4-6 inches below their natural waist. Plus sizes (based off of Orchard Corset) are 38" and more. They should order 7-10 inches down. 

      If you have more squish then you can cinch down more in comparison to bone.

      I recommend Orchard Corset for a beginner, budget corset. They have amazing customer service that can help you choose the right corset once you provide your measurements.

      Seasoning to fully closed at 24"
      CAREThese corsets have steel boning which means you can't throw it in the wash or hand wash. You could  lightly spot wash if you accidentally stain it.

      Always wear a liner or tank top underneath. The body's sweat and oils can ruin your corset.  Remember to always loosen your laces before you try to take it off.

      Some people need to moisture very well before putting on or removing their corset. Corset itch is the worst.


        These are not proper for waist training. Both have light boning and no shape. Authentic corsets are great for body modification because of the steel boning.  Fashion corsets are nice for the bedroom but wearing it otherwise can hurt you.  Avoid spending money on cheap and poorly made corsets like Corset Story or Ebay.

        A real corset will give you a defined shape even when you aren't cinching down tons.

        If you are interested in waist training, here's a page with 50 places to buy corsets to buy from. I have only bought from Orchard Corset so that's what I can personally recommend.

        What's the right corset for me?

        I can only recommend that you get an underbust. You need to measure yourself and remember to measure your torso length as well. I am pretty short so mine is at 10" and that limits what corsets I can buy off the rack.  I can wear OC's 411, 301 and barely the 345.

        You can also put in your corset size and see which brand/style corset can fit your measurements.

        My story:

        I began waist training because I looked really bloated. OC recommended the size 24" to me since my waist was at 29".  I'm sure because of the bloating provided extra squish, I was able to close that corset within a month.

        3 months go by and I had lost an inch from my waist. I sized down to a size 22" during summer and began regular exercise. My waist went back down to 27" but there was still no weight loss.

        UPDATE 2015:  I currently wear a 20" corset and my waist is 25 1/2 to 26 inches. I don't wear it often because summer heat is terrible.

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