A Year Of Fashion

This was nearly all of my outfits from 2014! It's basically the evolution of my hair and my love for Ion Brights dye haha. I definitely hit my goal of dressing up more but it did slow down after summer. I'll like to keep it up, of course!

I realize that some of you may not be into following me anymore because of my inactivity lately or the lack of my bright long hair. It happens! ✌  I've never really considered this space to be strictly for posting fashion/hair.. it's just something I became interested in more during last year.

This was always my blog to share my work and that's what I'll like to do it again. I thought I needed to get things done first but the timing won't ever be right. Rather start it now and make the progress.. than continuing on looking back waiting for tomorrow.

I can't say I'll always share a new pattern each month but I'm hoping it'll be a somewhat regular thing haha. The next one coming up very soon will be amigurumi dolls of Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon. Holidays happened and got way too busy to type up the pattern or make a PDF. :(

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