Black Silver Ombre hair

It felt like Winter for maybe less than a week and now this burning sun is overpowering whatever cool breeze we have. That's California for you.  This is barely an outfit post. I wanted to show off my new wig and just take pictures while it's still bright out.

Black Silver Ombre hair
Black Silver Ombre hair
Black Silver Ombre hair

hat- c/o Choies  dress/wig-Ebay  belt-Thrifted

I always buy my wigs from Ebay. This one was the most expensive one just under $25. It claimed to have a lace closure and no, it was pretty horrible.  There was this thick chunk of white flesh at the front and it looked so fake. I sewed it underneath instead of cutting it off. Other than that it looks great!

I like how I don't need to conceal all of my hair since my roots just blend in with this.  It's tempting to bleach my hair and throw in some color but I'm going to really refrain from it. I'll settle the urge by wearing wigs. I have a few more that haven't been on the blog before :D

I finally knitted a Sailor Moon hat. It's currently just a prototype and I'll be making a different bow for it. I'm working on a second one right now trying to come up with the perfect fit!  I got my yarn organized in storage boxes after many months and it's all easy access now. I'll share pictures for another post.

Happy Tuesday!  New Girl is on tonight and I saw on Twitter that Zooey Deschanel is pregnant! :D

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