New Layout for the New Year!

I have been a little busy. The new year practically triples design inquiries since people want to create  a blog, start over or change it up. So my inbox is quite the mess since some people treat emails like texting- either they suddenly drop off the face of the earth or send too many messages. A few is enough! lol

I put together this design one morning after getting inspired by this brush font.  I will forever be drawn to simple black and white layouts.  I already had most of the graphic elements done.  Probably the quickest design I'll ever do haha

The whole blog and shop will be getting an overhaul! I'll like to fix broken images or replace them with better quality ones. I was already in the process of doing it last year but there's so many things to do..

Minty Fox Designs Blogger Templates

My style in design has changed since I started two years ago and I want all of my templates to reflect it. A few are currently on sale and will be removed from the shop by next month here.

I have new ad spot sizes! Large is 50% off, runs for 31 days & it's always buy 1, get the next month free. I decided to open up swaps in size 150 by 130!  My sidebar is bare.. send them in!! :D

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