Projects: Sailor Moon Hats, Fox Hats & More.

Do you ever feel like you haven't accomplished much in a month then look back and realize you were actually quite busy? I designed my first knit hat! My first ones were basic and from very vague patterns since I couldn't follow any at the time. Apparently I can knit up to 1.5 hats a day.

Sailor Chibi Moon Knitted Hat
Sailor Jupiter Knitted Hat
Sailor Moon Knitted Hat
Sailor Moon Hat
Soft Blue Cowl Scarf

I followed the Ostrom pattern from Berroco for this cowl. It's my second one, actually. Some mistakes were made but I managed to cover it up. I asked people if they could tell and they couldn't but you'll always know. haha

This was started a little before New Years and got finished a week after that. It took FOREVER.  The first cowl I made is up on the blog too. It's this one with the usual ribbing.

Fox Hats
Another first for me... a multiple hat order!  I made these when I was binge watching Friends.  I'm now on the last season and I'm not sure what show to start after that. I completed That 70's Show and Scrubs (again). Any suggestions?

Vulpix Amigurumi
Vulpix Amigurumi 2
Vulpix was made with a smaller hook so it's a tad tiny compared to the original.  It only has 5 tails!! I'm working on a third one trying to double check the pattern, make tweaks and hopefully put together a PDF for my shop.

I'm also working on this huge gift for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day.  I can't say what it is but I'll share pictures of it when it's done.  It'll definitely be the largest creation ever.

What are your latest DIY projects? Do you plan to make your gift for V-Day?

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