Winter Florals OOTD

top- forever21 skirt- thrifted  jewelry-gifts  shoes- charlotte russe

I've been purple for a week now. If I could choose between one color to have as my natural color, this would be it! Summer was my original plan but I took 3 dreams as *the* sign. It was kind of impulsive but my boyfriend was basically encouraging it so it's also his fault, right?! 

The dye is Punky's Purple and I darkened the top with a blue based purple mixture. Pink used to be underneath but having to separate sections for the redye was too much for sick me. 

My whole wardrobe is full of bright, colorful things and I'm actually missing black everything. I want more black tops, bottoms and dresses.. maybe pretty lace. Though I'm not sure where to start looking for this because most I've found come with a price tag up to $50 per item and I don't love it that much haha. This makes sewing much more tempting.  I always find things I like but wish it came in black!

A few things happened:

- Made Adventure Time Valentine's Cards & a large Jake!
- Vulpix plush in slightly different colors
- Hit over 900 sales in Minty Fox Designs
- Finding new bra size (again!)
- Repierced my ears and healing nicely for once.
- Upgraded to 7/16" plugs
- 2 hour hike
- Cute Valentine's breakfast
- Lost 9 pounds (was going to write up a post about this with details)

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