Adventure Time: Jake Amigurumi

The last few days were overwhelming! I've been absent since I had a handful of install/design orders, amigurumi and hat orders. It feels nice to get busy/creative again. I missed being able to crochet this much.

I made the Jake (on the right) for my boyfriend and immediately made another one due to requests. I like that you can see the difference between the tensions. The second one is always easier to make because you aren't going through the trial and error process. I like the crocheted nose better than the felt... what do you think?

Jake The Dog Amigurumi
Jake The Dog Amigurumi

Jake The Dog Amigurumi
Jake will probably go up as made to order. I thought he had many pieces to make but NOPE.

It took me over a week to crochet all the pieces to this large Foxy character. He stills need one more piece- an eyepatch! My hands were dead afterwards. I have to figure out a setup to photograph it. It's nearly double the size as Jake and Eevee. Definitely the largest amigurumi I've ever made.

Sorry if I didn't respond to you! I'm actually super behind on my messages and kept forgetting to respond. I got some requests for expanding my design services to other platforms and more amigurumi patterns. One day soon. I don't want to go overboard by taking on too many things. Can't wait for Friday!!

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