Help me decide my next haircolors!

My purple is pretty faded out right now so it'll be an easy lift. I also ordered some extensions because honestly, I miss curling my hair so much. I attempted the other week with my iron but burned myself since it's so short.

Custom pink mix. The rest are Ion Brights Aqua, Ion Brights Mint and Ion Brights Lavender.

Bleached blonde, Ion Brights Lavender, Punky Purple, Atlantic Blue and Ion Brights Teal.

Ion Brights Aqua, Ion Brights Red ombre, RAW Deep Purple and Punky Lagoon Blue

Ion Brights came out with NEW colors and it's so tempting to try these ones out! I hope it's already in my stores. It's one of my favorite inexpensive dyes. I know people complain about it being too thick but that's why you add conditioner. It's amazing.

I'm leaning towards this blue (Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue) on top but since the extensions are extremely long by default.. why not add more colors/shades? 

Open to suggestions!  :D

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