OUTFIT: Stripes & Florals

One of my favorite mixes to wear together. It's so difficult to photograph this skirt's colors. It's more pink in person. It definitely needs to be resewn in places especially the buttons. It was sold to me with a tear near one of the pockets but if I fix it, my waist can't squeeze into it lol.

Stripes & Florals OOTDStripes & Florals OOTD
top-charlotte russe  skirt- thrifted  shoes-thrifted
I changed my old instagram into a craft one. It's called tinymooncrochet. I always want to share more pictures, doodles and WIP's but feel like it would clog my other account.  Crafts aren't everyone's thing and it would be nice to connect with other crafters/designers.

Stripes & Florals OOTD
You may have seen me post this on my social media but I thought I'll ask here. I am designing a logo for Tiny Moon! The responses I got were AMAZING but it's still a tie! lol So far the *most*  favorites are for the first two and the bottom left. Feel free to vote in the comments!


I like the style of the top row but I'm also into the bold font from the bottom. Decisions! haha

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