Fanime 2015- Part 1

This is my fourth time going to Fanime. It's definitely more fun when you're over 18 and you can check out mostly everything. I was too young to stay out late and barely had any money to spend after badges so it was just window shopping (aka being sad). So not my favorite.

@whimsywisteria + I
Swear I am the taller one. Cheater with the heels, yo.
I only dressed up Saturday and put together a quick costume 30 mins before we left. I figured I could put on a brown wig, wear a white shirt underneath a dress and sew an apron to become Belle!

We ended up going every day. I've never actually gone and waited in line for a panel before. My favorite one was the swimsuit contest. Skip to 28 mins to see Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)!!!

The music video contest made me realize how much of a slacker I am. I barely watch anime now even Sailor Moon/Crystal!  It was nice to sit down and take notes of some interesting shows.  All of my favorites have had their season finales or got cancelled so these will fill the void!

I told myself little to no prints because we just don't have the space for these yet. I had to get something by @zambicandy though. Required.  Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are my favorite couple in the series!

I got this Pom plush by @thousandskies. I seriously wanted all of the puppies. I'm a sucker for those faces and fluffy bodies especially the corgi!!

Bag + Eevee pin are mine!!

I feel bad about not knowing who are behind the pins and 2 sets of charms.  The Artist Alley was so crowded and we had to move quickly.

It was super creepy that my fiance named every single one I wanted and I didn't even say a word. What a mind reader...

Haunter is his favorite. The last one is doing Mean Look and flipping you off hahaha

SO loving the Sailor Moon bag!

and it had a different back... Luna!!!

We went to some panels for the first 2 days and noticed I barely had any pictures taken so made sure to photograph some gatherings the next day. There was Studio Ghibli, Sailor Moon and Fullmetal Alchemist. Editing them very soon!

I wish I could have went to more but it's not much of an option when you're barely 5'2". The thing that annoyed me most were tall guys would move and stand right in front of my shot (especially when I got there early to be in front for a reason) Was I invisible???  Be considerate of the short people, everyone.

My favorite moments were seeing dogs in costume or them walking around the con. Haku dog is too adorable. I also saw a large corgi in person. Need them all.


The Future Of My Blog

That's what has been on my mind lately.

This space has never just been only a fashion blog for me. I like to dress up occasionally because it's fun. I focused doing that to give a boost for my mental health and to distract myself from feeling guilt over artist block/burn out.

My blog has been slowly changing this year. I don't share outfits as often because I'm happier spending too much time creating things.

It has also opened up my eyes to who my real (online) friends are. People I thought were my friends stopped contact with me completely because my lack of outfits and increase in other posts. I'm not just an outfit/photo lol.

I'm going to brush it off because everyone changes. We unfollow people/blogs we are no longer into at any time and it's a bit silly to take it personal. If you are the one unfollowing others and it eventually happens to you, is that right to react? 

If I were to change the direction with this blog,  I won't take it personal.

I've been blogging for over a decade. This particular space is actually 7 years old.  It was created back when I was still in high school. It's so old to me and it may feel like a short lived blog from an outside perspective. I'm getting to the point that I want to focus on myself and expanding my work into a dependable career. I'm feeling creative and I want to take full advantage of it.

I have never been one for encouraging niches because of how limiting it can become. I don't want to give my blog more labels or anything like that.

My time needs more creations, learning, evolving and adventures. The responsibilities of a blogger won't let me give my 100% towards it. I also don't spend as much time on reading many blogs, leaving comments or participating in chats.

-- Waking Life 
I want to support you all in that way and I feel guilty when I don't want to stay on the computer that long.  It's been a fun time in my life to keep doing this so I'm real hesitant on saying anything "official" yet.

I LOVE the support of friends and the blogging community. I won't disappear from social media or stop following everyone's blogs/lives. I may just go on a long blog hiatus, limit my posts per month or start a new chapter on Tumblr.

I know for sure that a decision will be made by mid summer or the end. I'm still going to post regularly because there are things many things I still want to share! 

This has been lingering in my head on and off  but I'm ready now for something to change.

I thought I would throw this out first. It is upsetting to see a blogger stop especially when it comes out of nowhere.


STYLE: Darker Florals + Fanime

How is this week almost over?  Sunday was my birthday and I ended up getting sick the day after.  I was taking it easy since I had no projects and business starts to slow down near summer anyways.  Nope!  I was a zombie for ONE day and found out I had 80 emails and 12 orders.  All the good stuff happens when I'm away apparently! haha

dress- stolen from my mom ✌ shoes- charlotte russe belt- thrifted bag- ebay
(Oh hey look it's a granny dress!)

This bag  and my other one came out to be $25 together. One day I plan to get into couponing and to become the ultimate hoarder. I don't know about extreme but getting discounts are pretty great. A few years go I had a coupon that covered $15 worth of products at a drugstore. Never got that one again haha

I'm going to Fanime as a super last minute decision. Not prepared at all to dress up but at least I can be a photographer! It's my goal to get as many pictures as possible. I really hate the whole anxiety of going up to strangers though so that should be interesting.

Any cons you plan to go this year?


Cute Finds

I'm kinda shocked nobody has scooped up this lamb yet.

Raspberry Tart CP Soap
This smells like fresh raspberries.. yes please! It's 100% natural too.

Fox Print
Forever my favorite animal.. this is so pretty!

Look at this new blog design. I love the orange and the illustration in the header is AMAZING. I've been a creeper follower for a very long time lol

Make Love & Knit Something Print

Love it! There's also a crochet one too!

A video recipe for these cute meringue cookies. It's not something quick though! 

This embroidered patch of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos! Ancient Aliens is one my favorite shows and it's actually on tonight! haha

Lucky Jackson! I've been following for a long time now. These are amazing. I need to re-watch Twin Peaks again.

This siamese cat plushie.


I thought these were puppies based off a thumbnail but still cute as a bear! haha

This is just so cute!

Adorable brooch/magnet!

Amazing deer purse.

I love that mug in this print

What's your favorite?


STYLE: Puppy Face Bag

This is one of my new bags! I wanted it ever since I came across one on Storenvy. Does anyone remember the matching flats too? The cat ones got really popular.. I still want those both!   This bag was under $10 on eBay.  It's pretty decent and I personally don't mind the cheap feel to it.  The strap did break within a few hours but it was an easy fix to sew.

top- forever21 jeans- charlotte russe bag- ebay boots- dresslink
Dresslink Boots

These boots are not new but were lost for a VERY long time. I need to repair the sole on one of them. It'll make do for now! Booties have been so appealing to me lately but I can't really wear anything with a heel. Maybe wedges. My feet are just too flat and I can see mine falling off from trying to walk in them so I'll admire from afar. It would be fine to add some inches to my height tho... hahaha

An extra picture because I like the framing from the trees lol I really miss taking pictures. I'm hoping to set time aside to do a few during summer with pretty sunset lighting.

I changed things up and shot with my 85mm lens! I really love it and the compression is way more flattering.  It's so much easier to use on a full frame camera instead of the 7D. A crop sensor gets magnified by 1.6 so the 85mm didn't work well in tight areas. The backgrounds look so creamy with this.

I'm thinking of doing a little giveaway soon. The prize would be a digital drawing.. a portrait! So I'll finally jump right back into doing it.


Fitness Progress: 11 months

It's been a long time since I have mentioned much fitness. I still remember those first two weeks here. I've come a long way from doing yoga and pilates. I was aiming to get stronger, fit and drop some weight. It had to be a lifestyle change. Who wants to do all that hard work and not get lasting results?

Last year I mainly focused on gaining strength and endurance. I didn't lose any pounds last year. I kept gaining weight (muscle) while losing inches. When I started doing full body workouts and using MyFitnessPal, I've dropped quite a bit off suddenly. I've kept off 10 pounds in 4 months.


PumpUp is my favorite. This one has everything you need plus the support from a community to help you stay motivated. It can be done at home or at a gym. Just check off the machines you'll use! My routines were focusing on full body workouts or arms.

I used this daily starting in January to see how much I was overeating.  It really opens up your eyes on how much calories/sodium/etc are in things.  I'll rather eat a ton of food than eat one meal that hits 600-1,000 calories.  My weaknesses were cheese, wings, tacos and sour candy.  I'll never give up things completely or ignore a craving. There's always eating in moderation or substituting a treat with frozen fruit or something.

Look at that fluctuating and the drop.
Most of the time I was eating when I should have been hydrating up. It's easy to recognize real hunger now instead of being bored or thirsty. My meals are generally around 300 calories and snacks are 100 or less.  Last year I focused on fresh food and meal planning but this year I went frozen with a side of home cooked to keep me sane lol.


These are great quick routines that don't require machines or weights.
  • Interval Trainer
  • Daily Ab
  • Daily Butt
  • Daily Cardio
  • HIIT Cardio Training
Now I've upgraded my weights, started doing kettlebell and cardio routines. I'm excited to see what results I'll get from these.


Bust- 3"
Waist- 3"-4"
Hips-  3 1/2"
Thighs: 3 1/2"

Biceps- 1 1/2" 
Calf- 2"

It's weird how you don't really notice a change until certain clothes suddenly fit or become loose.  

 So if you are doing a fitness journey, remember to take pictures and track your measurements!


WISHLIST: Birthday

10 more days until my birthday! I don't think I'm doing anything on the day itself because Sunday is the worst. It's that *last* lazy day before going back to work. I do plan to treat myself to some things when my bank account is more friendly. Makeup is that last thing I try to spend money on and I'm just about out of everything.

I'm waiting for this magical birthday coupon from craft stores. I'm hopeful. I need to buy more of everything in every color, of course. Supplies get me all excited but makeup would be awesome too.

1. I came across gorgeous swatches of Color Pop's lipsticks and fell in love! My top favorites are these matte ones in Grind (blue violet), Bull Chic ( black) and I Heart This (red based fuchsia).

2. Kat Von D's Shade + Light Contour Palette. I have been using this old contour palette but it's limited to a brown and nude shade. Honestly the brown is terrible on my skin. Sometimes it looks like dirt so I would love to get more shades in a palette!

3. I'm overdo for a new tube of eye primer. I'm considering trying a new product but I've only used Urban Decay primer potion. Summer is probably not the best time to experiment.

4. All I have are these large barrel irons so it would be nice to get a smaller curling iron! I have burned myself in attempts to use my old ones but my hair is just too short. I'm not too picky..as long as it has a swivel cord it's good! haha

5. Each year I tend to buy 1 high end foundation as a treat yo self thing. It must be full coverage so I can use as little as possible and have the product last longer! It's time to break away from MAC. MUFE's Mat Velvet is a new one for me and I heard it's great for oily skin. I wonder if this is a good choice for summer wear?

6. There's so much hype behind the beauty blender and it's tempting. My usual brushes are beginning to feel harsh on my skin but $20 for a sponge apllicator is STILL kind of crazy for me. If I were to get one, my color choice would be this black!

7. Dipbrow! This might be my first buy. I really want to try out Ebony this time since my hair is darker or will be in the near future!

8. EVERYTHING. I need to stock up in leggings, basic shirts, etc. Their basics have decent quality and lasted me a few years so I always go back. Who doesn't want to pay $1.90 per shirt? I'll have to put this off since I'm flucuating in sizes but it looks like I may finally be a *small* up top. Too bad the cup size didn't go away :(

I'm sure it's somewhere on the blog but feel free to guess my age. How Old thinks I'm 26!


PROJECTS: Fox & Pokemon Amigurumi

Fennec Fox pattern by Adorably KawaiiThese are my latest projects! I've been super busy crocheting hours away. It's a great way to catch up on shows once you learn how to do it without looking! The Minion below actually took the longest time to make. It was nearly 2 weeks because of it's crazy size and all the pieces. I think it measured about 16 inches tall.

Fennec Fox pattern by Adorably Kawaii
Sleepy Fox Pattern by Adorably Kawaii

Okami Amigurumi with Sleepy Fox Pattern by Adorably Kawaii
Okami Amigurumi with Sleepy Fox Pattern by Adorably Kawaii
Adorably Kawaii again

I love to make foxes but I haven't quite made the perfect one in my own design. If you are looking for a sleepy fox pattern then this is the best around!
minion amigurumi

Here are the Pokemon I made! I did do a second one of each to see if I'm staying consistent. Sometimes it's easy to do but with amigurumi, you aren't making it like a machine and it can't be 100% the same. I'm always worried about that so I take new pictures every time lol.

jigglypuff amigurumi
pikachu amigurumi
pikachu amigurumi

I love that this creative side is coming out again. It felt like I stopped crocheting for a year. I'm almost ready to get back into making felt plushies. I'm determined to do this by machine this time to save time. Also buy a machine and don't use it is such a waste.  It's a little scary because I suck at it and I swear the needle breaks every time I'm the ONE to touch it.

What DIY stuff have you done? You can upload images in the comments!
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