Cute Finds

I'm kinda shocked nobody has scooped up this lamb yet.

Raspberry Tart CP Soap
This smells like fresh raspberries.. yes please! It's 100% natural too.

Fox Print
Forever my favorite animal.. this is so pretty!

Look at this new blog design. I love the orange and the illustration in the header is AMAZING. I've been a creeper follower for a very long time lol

Make Love & Knit Something Print

Love it! There's also a crochet one too!

A video recipe for these cute meringue cookies. It's not something quick though! 

This embroidered patch of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos! Ancient Aliens is one my favorite shows and it's actually on tonight! haha

Lucky Jackson! I've been following for a long time now. These are amazing. I need to re-watch Twin Peaks again.

This siamese cat plushie.


I thought these were puppies based off a thumbnail but still cute as a bear! haha

This is just so cute!

Adorable brooch/magnet!

Amazing deer purse.

I love that mug in this print

What's your favorite?

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