Fanime 2015- Part 1

This is my fourth time going to Fanime. It's definitely more fun when you're over 18 and you can check out mostly everything. I was too young to stay out late and barely had any money to spend after badges so it was just window shopping (aka being sad). So not my favorite.

@whimsywisteria + I
Swear I am the taller one. Cheater with the heels, yo.
I only dressed up Saturday and put together a quick costume 30 mins before we left. I figured I could put on a brown wig, wear a white shirt underneath a dress and sew an apron to become Belle!

We ended up going every day. I've never actually gone and waited in line for a panel before. My favorite one was the swimsuit contest. Skip to 28 mins to see Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)!!!

The music video contest made me realize how much of a slacker I am. I barely watch anime now even Sailor Moon/Crystal!  It was nice to sit down and take notes of some interesting shows.  All of my favorites have had their season finales or got cancelled so these will fill the void!

I told myself little to no prints because we just don't have the space for these yet. I had to get something by @zambicandy though. Required.  Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are my favorite couple in the series!

I got this Pom plush by @thousandskies. I seriously wanted all of the puppies. I'm a sucker for those faces and fluffy bodies especially the corgi!!

Bag + Eevee pin are mine!!

I feel bad about not knowing who are behind the pins and 2 sets of charms.  The Artist Alley was so crowded and we had to move quickly.

It was super creepy that my fiance named every single one I wanted and I didn't even say a word. What a mind reader...

Haunter is his favorite. The last one is doing Mean Look and flipping you off hahaha

SO loving the Sailor Moon bag!

and it had a different back... Luna!!!

We went to some panels for the first 2 days and noticed I barely had any pictures taken so made sure to photograph some gatherings the next day. There was Studio Ghibli, Sailor Moon and Fullmetal Alchemist. Editing them very soon!

I wish I could have went to more but it's not much of an option when you're barely 5'2". The thing that annoyed me most were tall guys would move and stand right in front of my shot (especially when I got there early to be in front for a reason) Was I invisible???  Be considerate of the short people, everyone.

My favorite moments were seeing dogs in costume or them walking around the con. Haku dog is too adorable. I also saw a large corgi in person. Need them all.

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