PROJECTS: Fox & Pokemon Amigurumi

8:50 AM

Fennec Fox pattern by Adorably KawaiiThese are my latest projects! I've been super busy crocheting hours away. It's a great way to catch up on shows once you learn how to do it without looking! The Minion below actually took the longest time to make. It was nearly 2 weeks because of it's crazy size and all the pieces. I think it measured about 16 inches tall.

Fennec Fox pattern by Adorably Kawaii

Sleepy Fox Pattern by Adorably Kawaii

Okami Amigurumi with Sleepy Fox Pattern by Adorably Kawaii
Okami Amigurumi with Sleepy Fox Pattern by Adorably Kawaii
Adorably Kawaii again

I love to make foxes but I haven't quite made the perfect one in my own design. If you are looking for a sleepy fox pattern then this is the best around!
minion amigurumi

Here are the Pokemon I made! I did do a second one of each to see if I'm staying consistent. Sometimes it's easy to do but with amigurumi, you aren't making it like a machine and it can't be 100% the same. I'm always worried about that so I take new pictures every time lol.

jigglypuff amigurumi
pikachu amigurumi
pikachu amigurumi

I love that this creative side is coming out again. It felt like I stopped crocheting for a year. I'm almost ready to get back into making felt plushies. I'm determined to do this by machine this time to save time. Also buy a machine and don't use it is such a waste.  It's a little scary because I suck at it and I swear the needle breaks every time I'm the ONE to touch it.

What DIY stuff have you done? You can upload images in the comments!




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