REVIEW: Anastasia Beverly Hills | Dipbrow Pomade

Just a head's up: I was struggling with trichotillomania for years so most of my use was working with practically no brow hair for the product to cling to. I used Urban Decay's primer potion underneath.
I HIGHLY recommend this product for people with trichnotonmilla, alopecia, etc. Not only is this like a gel liner but it comes in many shades like blonde, browns, ash brown and granite to match most hair colors!

I ordered the shade Dark Brown since it would have gone with my pastel hair better. My next choice would be Ebony since my brows are actually grown in. :D I have used Dipbrow for over a year now and I STILL have some product leftover. It's ridiculous how long this has lasted and it's only $18. I basically drew on full brows nearly every day.  I have just noticed that it's starting to dry out so I think it's worth it. Other brow and gel liners usually become dry after 6 months.

Angled brushes are best but I have also used lip and small shadow brushes too. It's true you only need a small amount. The texture is so smooth and it glides right on. It's easy to swipe it on softly to replicate hair.

I have found you don't need to use primer for this to last long. I used to apply shadow on top so it'll set but it's not needed for average or thick brows.  It's awesome to wake up to full brows in the morning.

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