STYLE: Darker Florals + Fanime

How is this week almost over?  Sunday was my birthday and I ended up getting sick the day after.  I was taking it easy since I had no projects and business starts to slow down near summer anyways.  Nope!  I was a zombie for ONE day and found out I had 80 emails and 12 orders.  All the good stuff happens when I'm away apparently! haha

dress- stolen from my mom ✌ shoes- charlotte russe belt- thrifted bag- ebay
(Oh hey look it's a granny dress!)

This bag  and my other one came out to be $25 together. One day I plan to get into couponing and to become the ultimate hoarder. I don't know about extreme but getting discounts are pretty great. A few years go I had a coupon that covered $15 worth of products at a drugstore. Never got that one again haha

I'm going to Fanime as a super last minute decision. Not prepared at all to dress up but at least I can be a photographer! It's my goal to get as many pictures as possible. I really hate the whole anxiety of going up to strangers though so that should be interesting.

Any cons you plan to go this year?

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