STYLE: Puppy Face Bag

This is one of my new bags! I wanted it ever since I came across one on Storenvy. Does anyone remember the matching flats too? The cat ones got really popular.. I still want those both!   This bag was under $10 on eBay.  It's pretty decent and I personally don't mind the cheap feel to it.  The strap did break within a few hours but it was an easy fix to sew.

top- forever21 jeans- charlotte russe bag- ebay boots- dresslink
Dresslink Boots

These boots are not new but were lost for a VERY long time. I need to repair the sole on one of them. It'll make do for now! Booties have been so appealing to me lately but I can't really wear anything with a heel. Maybe wedges. My feet are just too flat and I can see mine falling off from trying to walk in them so I'll admire from afar. It would be fine to add some inches to my height tho... hahaha

An extra picture because I like the framing from the trees lol I really miss taking pictures. I'm hoping to set time aside to do a few during summer with pretty sunset lighting.

I changed things up and shot with my 85mm lens! I really love it and the compression is way more flattering.  It's so much easier to use on a full frame camera instead of the 7D. A crop sensor gets magnified by 1.6 so the 85mm didn't work well in tight areas. The backgrounds look so creamy with this.

I'm thinking of doing a little giveaway soon. The prize would be a digital drawing.. a portrait! So I'll finally jump right back into doing it.

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