WISHLIST: Birthday

10 more days until my birthday! I don't think I'm doing anything on the day itself because Sunday is the worst. It's that *last* lazy day before going back to work. I do plan to treat myself to some things when my bank account is more friendly. Makeup is that last thing I try to spend money on and I'm just about out of everything.

I'm waiting for this magical birthday coupon from craft stores. I'm hopeful. I need to buy more of everything in every color, of course. Supplies get me all excited but makeup would be awesome too.

1. I came across gorgeous swatches of Color Pop's lipsticks and fell in love! My top favorites are these matte ones in Grind (blue violet), Bull Chic ( black) and I Heart This (red based fuchsia).

2. Kat Von D's Shade + Light Contour Palette. I have been using this old contour palette but it's limited to a brown and nude shade. Honestly the brown is terrible on my skin. Sometimes it looks like dirt so I would love to get more shades in a palette!

3. I'm overdo for a new tube of eye primer. I'm considering trying a new product but I've only used Urban Decay primer potion. Summer is probably not the best time to experiment.

4. All I have are these large barrel irons so it would be nice to get a smaller curling iron! I have burned myself in attempts to use my old ones but my hair is just too short. I'm not too picky..as long as it has a swivel cord it's good! haha

5. Each year I tend to buy 1 high end foundation as a treat yo self thing. It must be full coverage so I can use as little as possible and have the product last longer! It's time to break away from MAC. MUFE's Mat Velvet is a new one for me and I heard it's great for oily skin. I wonder if this is a good choice for summer wear?

6. There's so much hype behind the beauty blender and it's tempting. My usual brushes are beginning to feel harsh on my skin but $20 for a sponge apllicator is STILL kind of crazy for me. If I were to get one, my color choice would be this black!

7. Dipbrow! This might be my first buy. I really want to try out Ebony this time since my hair is darker or will be in the near future!

8. EVERYTHING. I need to stock up in leggings, basic shirts, etc. Their basics have decent quality and lasted me a few years so I always go back. Who doesn't want to pay $1.90 per shirt? I'll have to put this off since I'm flucuating in sizes but it looks like I may finally be a *small* up top. Too bad the cup size didn't go away :(

I'm sure it's somewhere on the blog but feel free to guess my age. How Old thinks I'm 26!

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