I'm giving first dibs to my followers! Most of the items will be dresses with a few random pieces like a skirt and sweaters. I'll only keep this up for maybe 2 weeks though since I'm in a hurry to declutter my belongings.

I have Paypal buttons below for quick transactions and if something sells, it'll be marked as SOLD.  These will be shipped off to the US and tracking will be included. I put together the cheapest shipping possible based off of weight.

vintage pastel floral dress-- revived

notes: elastic waistband, small zipper & fabric buttons in the back.

size: small medium

bust: 38"
waist: 28"
length: 47"
shoulder to shoulder: 14"

Selling for $18 + s&h

forever21 blue wrap high-low dress

notes: very stretchy waist. sometimes I'll pin it up and cover the cut out at the stomach.

size: medium

waist measurements (2x):
10" across
15"-16" across stretched

Selling for $10+ s&h

choies watermelon button-up shirt dress

note: only worn a few times.

size: medium or med large

bust: fit up to 36"
waist: open
length: 31'"

Selling for $8 + s&h

old navy purple dress
notes: knit fabric so a tad **heavy**

size: medium

bust: 13" across but has a stretch
length: 36"

Selling for $8 + s&h

polka dots skirt
notes: stretchy waist.

size: medium, if worn near high waist

length: 19"
waist: 14" (2x)

Selling for $5 + s&h

forever21 sea life dress

notes: this is from their contemporary section. It's a half-size larger than their f21 items

size: small with a 33" length

based off the website's measurements:
bust: 35-36"
hips: 36-37"

my opinion: bust is ok but waist feels more open than 28"

Selling for $10 + s&h

striped black & white dress

notes: this has adjustable straps and an open back. it's also comfortably stretchy.

size: medium

waist: 27"-29" with more stretch.
length: 35" long

Selling for $8 + s&h


green floral dress size 6

notes: it has a zipper in the back. not much stretch to it.

size: small, tag says 6

bust: fit up to 35"
waist: 26"-27"
hips: open
length: 36"

Selling for $10 + s&h

vintage floral dress violet & green

notes: tag says size 12. you can tie it in the back. **heavy**

size: L/XL

bust: 12.5" flat across (2x)
waist: 16" across (2x)
length: 38"

Selling for $15 + s&h

vintage pastel floral dress

notes: tag says size 11/12 . *heavy*

size: medium large

bust: 13" across (2x)
length: 42"

Selling for $18 + s&h

daisy crop knit sweater
notes: **heavy**

size: medium

bust: fit up to 36" & still had room
waist: open
length: 16"

Selling for $10 + s&h

vintage sunflower dress

notes: it's shorter in the back.

size: medium to medium large.

bust: 15.5" (2x)
waist: 15" (2x)
front length: 34"
back length: 32"

Selling for $10 + s&h

teal cowl sweater

notes: no tags, light knit

size: medium

bust: 15 1/2" (2x)
length: 20"

selling for $5 + s&h

The Paypal buttons are for US only. If you're interested in buying something and you're outside the US, please message me! Let me know what item and your address/zip code.  Most likely shipping will range from $10-$20 but with no tracking.


New Design

ALREADY??? I know. It must be summer making me feel more creative.  I think this might be my favorite of the year so far. Blue is the winner for me. I knew exactly what I wanted and it was done in a hour. If only all custom designs were made that quickly! Plus this one loads way faster for me.

I am in need of a new profile image soon! I have plans to fix up some of my blog pages. Always adding onto this huge list. haha

Photobucket images are practically dead by now and I gave that up after hitting the limit within a few days.  I'll love to finally update my patterns with better quality images.  So many were made before my DSLR/smart phone days.  Unfortunately most of the pieces are gone or sold so that means I'll have to remake it.  I'm kind of excited to make the rainbow scarf  though.

(View my past blog designs here)


Style: Little Black Dress

I got this dress back in South Lake Tahoe a few hours before we went to the wedding. I need to go back to the basics soon. Florals seem too much. Channeling my 13 year old self for wanting everything in black again.

dress- ross   leggings-forever21    sandals- boohoo

I'm getting bored of taking photos in the same location but I'll rather not go elsewhere by myself. This bright hair just screams 'Talk to me!' Nooooo thanks, strangers.

I can't wait to get rid of my old clothing. It's annoying when you're in-between sizes and you drown in some pieces.  I sized down for a bunch of my tops and now I can wear my corset much better!

I've been looking around for dressers. I'll love to get a new one next month.  My current one is so old and I can't put back the middle drawer or else it'll get stuck. I hate battling with it so now the drawer hangs out looking all messy. I can either buy one for $100 or wait for a free one on craigslist. Free sounds amazing especially if I need to get more things for an apartment.


Art: Pin Up Style

I sketched Alexandra a few weeks ago. Okay, it was more than a few.  My connection went down so it was a perfect time to actually start coloring it.  It's still a WIP! It's a really huge piece so it's taking awhile. Plus I'm not sure how to do hair yet.

I'm allowing myself to draw anything and just be okay with it.  I don't have a distinguishable style yet. I've seen some artists be so consistent with just about everything: females, males, animals, landscapes, cartoons, etc. It's crazy.

I'll like to look back at mine thinking  this is me.

I'm done saying that I'm learning, experimenting, etc. No more! It's just going to be my work and that's it.  I hate holding myself back because I'm not consistent or have no clue what I'm really doing.

 Why owe explanations? Just own it.
The other morning I was watching a workshop livestream so decided to draw on the side. Just to feel more productive, I guess?  Here is Lauren from @laurenloveserik. I've been following and wanting to draw months ago. No more excuses!!

Definitely needs to be cleaned up but I'm not sure when I'll have time again. I'm hoping by next month everything will be settled and slowed down.

I'm going to draw more portraits in a doll style. I've drawn some bloggers before but kept it to myself because WHAT IF they didn't like it?! So awkward haha. I figured they could make the choice to ignore me so I'm putting myself out there.

AHHHH this makes me so happy! :D



Cute Finds


Victoria Rosas



Sarah at Whoniverse Adelaide (so jealous!!!)


Batty's Bath



shell shoulder bag






I've been browsing Etsy a lot these past weekends. I want EVERYTHING. I'm so indecisive but there's no rush over with a gift card anyways.
I almost ended up buying some jewelry but it wasn't nickel free and the owner offered no alternative. I'm 99% sure it's because their items aren't handmade at all. I saw the exact same items on Ebay for a dollar each. So disappointing! I'll have to do my research first for sure.

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