Art: Pin Up Style

I sketched Alexandra a few weeks ago. Okay, it was more than a few.  My connection went down so it was a perfect time to actually start coloring it.  It's still a WIP! It's a really huge piece so it's taking awhile. Plus I'm not sure how to do hair yet.

I'm allowing myself to draw anything and just be okay with it.  I don't have a distinguishable style yet. I've seen some artists be so consistent with just about everything: females, males, animals, landscapes, cartoons, etc. It's crazy.

I'll like to look back at mine thinking  this is me.

I'm done saying that I'm learning, experimenting, etc. No more! It's just going to be my work and that's it.  I hate holding myself back because I'm not consistent or have no clue what I'm really doing.

 Why owe explanations? Just own it.
The other morning I was watching a workshop livestream so decided to draw on the side. Just to feel more productive, I guess?  Here is Lauren from @laurenloveserik. I've been following and wanting to draw months ago. No more excuses!!

Definitely needs to be cleaned up but I'm not sure when I'll have time again. I'm hoping by next month everything will be settled and slowed down.

I'm going to draw more portraits in a doll style. I've drawn some bloggers before but kept it to myself because WHAT IF they didn't like it?! So awkward haha. I figured they could make the choice to ignore me so I'm putting myself out there.

AHHHH this makes me so happy! :D


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