June Goals

It's beginning to feel like summer for me already. I don't mind too much about the heat during the day because it hasn't gotten that high yet.  I am hating on those warm, stuffy nights. I find it near impossible to sleep in the heat.  I've been a little MIA because of my cold and then we had a busy weekend at BFD.

My goals for this month: 

1. Declutter
Get my desk area as clean as possible. This is a difficult task for a crafty person. There's always things that need to be left out or it'll be easily forgotten about. It's sad but I know exactly where everything is in my mess. It still would be nice to look clean though. I'm also extending this to my wardrobe. I'm in the process of selling things on ebay to get some space and $$!

I'll donate shoes and heavy clothing to Goodwill.  If I can free up a drawer then I can use that for yarn storage.

2. Fix up my shop
I've been slowly updating all of my work and weeding out what no longer fits. I'm working on a rebrand as well. The market has changed. Not only did Etsy change their categories so now digital/templates are under a PAPER category but someone started to price all their work at $2.99. Most people do not choose relevant but lowest pricing first. It's crazy because now my income has been cut in half for most of this year.  I have tons of ideas and working on many new projects to make mine stand out.

3. New fitness routine
I have hit a plateau! It's great to see that I'm at a steady weight again. I've started a new program that focuses on weight lifting and HIIT. My new routines are real challenging for me and on top of that I have a lingering cough.  At least it's a struggle because I know there will be change.

Mini Haunter.

4. Crafts
I plan to add to my list of ideas and sketch some out. I already have some WIP's around. I'm not going to focus on much creating this month since my main goals are the top 3! I do want to finish up making a bag.

5. Photography
I want to get back into shooting. I've decided to change our business name and I'm in the process of merging my accounts. The weird thing is I get to keep my likes but all the content and pictures are removed. We are now Bazley Photography! Yep, that's his last name. I'll be sharing tons of pictures from my past shoots soon.

What are your personal/blog goals for the month?

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