Style: Little Black Dress

I got this dress back in South Lake Tahoe a few hours before we went to the wedding. I need to go back to the basics soon. Florals seem too much. Channeling my 13 year old self for wanting everything in black again.

dress- ross   leggings-forever21    sandals- boohoo

I'm getting bored of taking photos in the same location but I'll rather not go elsewhere by myself. This bright hair just screams 'Talk to me!' Nooooo thanks, strangers.

I can't wait to get rid of my old clothing. It's annoying when you're in-between sizes and you drown in some pieces.  I sized down for a bunch of my tops and now I can wear my corset much better!

I've been looking around for dressers. I'll love to get a new one next month.  My current one is so old and I can't put back the middle drawer or else it'll get stuck. I hate battling with it so now the drawer hangs out looking all messy. I can either buy one for $100 or wait for a free one on craigslist. Free sounds amazing especially if I need to get more things for an apartment.

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