STYLE: Plaid & Lake Tahoe


These pictures were taken a hour before we drove to South Lake Tahoe for a wedding. First time going there and being in a monster size cabin for the weekend. I had thought I was going to miserable and itchy because of my allergies.  No issues!!

These boots were in the clearance section on Boohoo.com. It was only $16! I'll be getting rid of my old black ones since these are much more comfortable to wear. These were marked as hiking boots and that made me laugh because I can't even imagine with platforms. It was easier to walk up in the dirt though.

We woke up early to find a place to hike but it was so difficult to find. We hit a dead end and stopped in front of this marsh. Such a nice view! It'll be great to plan a trip back there one day and check out the area.

It was the best short trip! I ended up coming home and waking up the next day sick. I'm gonna have a mountain of tissues soon. :(

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