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Remember my post from a few months ago about deciding the future of my blog? This space was started way back in 2008 and has been through many changes since.

I was thinking about my online presences and my goals. I have a main blog, three shops, a photography business and matching social media accounts. See? That's too much. I can't progress that way if I'm taking on that.

1.  No quitting or hiatus.

It's not time for this.  My posting schedule may be all over the place but at least I post anything I like whenever.

2. I want to focus on building a brand. Being more creative in art and photography.

I have ALWAYS made things but never properly established a brand for it. A career designing and hand making things would be ideal.  I'm tired of sitting back, collecting ideas and not putting aside the time to actually DO it. HOW BORING.  

3. Purging social media accounts -   I merged pages together instead to keep me sane.

Blog, photography & personal: instagram & facebook

Crafts, art & more: instagram, tumblr & facebook.

4. Main announcement

I have decided to bring anther contributor onto the blog! Is that too much change?! Probably. At least it would make it more interesting. More content.. more of everything!

It's Amanda from Adorably Kawaii. I'll like to point out first to avoid any confusion in future posts/images: we're twins.  Did that last picture fool you? You might have thought this picture was me when I featured her other shop last year: Whimsy Wisteria

So this blog will still remain the same: crafts, lifestyle and everything in between.

P. S.
Remember to enter into the Yarn Crush Giveaway!  If we hit 1,000 entries, a second box will be given away. How awesome is that?? Get your friends to enter!

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