Review: Exposed Skincare- Part 2 (with pictures)

I'm unsure what to think of these products. I've been using it for around 3 months.  My skin does feel clean after using it. There's no issues with dryness or oil. The texture is much smoother.  It does get rid of those smaller breakouts quick. It reduces the size and redness as little as 1-3 days.

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  • Hormonal breakouts
This is when I get several cystic bumps. It got rid of them faster but I had noticed an increase of acne on my good side. I rarely ever breakout on that side so it was really unusual.

As some were fading, I'll get new small ones. It's also not too bad to cover up.
  • Recurring bumps
I've had the same bumps come back up to 3 times especially on my good side. Not a fan of this but so far zero scarring and no clusters.
  • Improvement
Skin texture is smooth and overall less red. The left side has always been the worst but now there's only small breakouts.

4) Easy to cover
I wear medium-full coverage because of my scarring in some spots. It's lightened enough for me to wear lighter cover up and you can't even notice the scar texture unless you have zoom eyes like Bender.

So really I'm confused! Obviously it does speed up the process on all types. I did even manage to stop SOME cystic bumps from forming but still encountered them on my cheeks and jawline. My healing and scarring time has been cut in half.

It's definitely not as *angry* as it used to be. I had to deal with this only 2 years ago:

Overall I don't think this is working for me. My good side has never broken out like this and it hasn't done much for reducing the occurrence of cystic bumps. That's my main problem.  If I only had smaller bumps then this would be perfect.

I stopped using the cleanser and toner for the past 2 weeks and noticed a HUGE improvement. I have only gotten *one*  tiny cystic bump on my jawline. That's it.  No other bumps! I'm still using the treatments since these do work. I'm just shocked at how better my skin is without washing it.

I almost want to get this another try but not sure if it'll be worth it.  What  do you think?

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