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Choies Blue Plaid Harem Pants

I ordered these pants from Choies last year. I really loved how it looked in the photos but turns out my computer screen was showing off different colors. The white lines were actually bright green in person. Oh well! haha

Choies Blue Plaid Harem Pants
Overall I'm not much of a fan of Choies sizing or quality on this. It's a size large and based off the chart it would fit a 25" waist. It could be an inch or 2 off in either direction too. Ridiculous, right?  It's a piece I could have worn with a corset *only* so I got it. It refused to button back then so it's nice to see how far I got with my progress.

croptop- blackheart  pants- choies  shoes- charlotte russe  ring/necklace- gift  black ring- blackheart

I'm really missing photography so much I took last minute pictures of myself in the horrible heat. How was I able to do it so much during last year? I know you eventually get used to it but I'M NOT READY.  Can I have a pool already?


I'll be releasing a NEW pattern for a hat. I need to make it again in regular yarn. It's super complicated so I'm thinking I need to film it.  I normally stick with my usual patterns but decided to wing something for fun.

What have you been doing this summer?

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