Smile Brilliant Part 1: Overview

I recently got the opportunity to work with Smile Brilliant and do a review! I've heard of this brand before but most of the reviews I came across basically had "white teeth" to begin with. So I was pretty skeptical.

Every person has a different natural color on their teeth. This is why you might have noticed some people get ridiculously white after a session while others get to a yellow, off-white or even grey. It will take off your stains and the color underneath is your natural coloring.
There are whitening pens (sometimes with LED lights), strips, gel by itself and in office dentist bleaching sessions. I've tried these all before. I personally can't afford a trip like that to the dentist for a touch up. Pens and gel are horrible without a tray. Strips or generic sized trays will not reach all the crevices or molars. I always had yellow staining in the corners after trying these out. A custom fit tray will get it all for you.
Side effects are very low risk or temporary. It's basically tooth sensitvity and gum irritation. Read their whole article about it if you're interested in knowing more. You should be at least 12-14 years old with permanent teeth otherwise there might be ireversible tooth damage
Whitening gel opens up the pores on your teeth and it becomes dehydrated. This may cause some sensitivity. Smile Brilliant offers desensitizing gel and it can be used after each treatment to prevent or minimize it.

This kit promises to give you a stain free smile. I'm not jumping in with high expectations of blinding white teeth.

The kit contains:

3 base pastes
3 catalyst pastes
2 impression trays
3 syringes of whitening gel
pre-paid postage envelope + return card

Brush and floss before making the impressions. I created the molds of my upper and lower teeth by mixing the catalyst and base pastes. You get an extra set in case you mess up. I totally did.
Remember to mix one at a time because it will start to harden after 60 seconds. It'll be properly mixed once it's blue all over. Spread it evenly onto the tray. I didn't put enough in the front so it had a hole there.

There are instructions to help you out. You take them out then it sit it for 30 minutes and rinse under cool water. Both trays go in the same pre-paid envelope. It took about a week for my custom trays to come in.

The number of applications needed for a person will vary on severity of the staining, causes behind it and how long it's been collecting.

I'm doing the full two weeks because of my age and history. I got braces when I was younger and after years of soda drinking (never through a straw) plus the difficulty of brushing left me with super stained teeth. When my braces were removed, I had orange teeth with bright bracket shaped squares. Not good.

I'll do another post with results very soon!

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