Style: Mint & Opal

This summer I've gone out to more places, visited the beach and something still feels missing. I should have made a list way earlier and planned things out. I thought I would have gone on more beach days, outdoor adventures, thrifting, shoots... pretty much everything. I can't believe it's already August. How and why???

I haven't even been in a swimming pool yet. I think I need to at least make it to a CREAM to finally get a cookie ice cream sandwich. Yes.

It's been pretty busy lately trying to balance courses, shop + custom orders, designing + typing up patterns and trying to be more creative with everything I do. I hate feeling like I'm holding myself back because I get stuck with doing things in a certain way. Be more open to new ideas!!

top- thrifted   croptop/shoes- charlotte russe   leggings- forever21  septum- lotus&co

I'm kinda drained on everything. Do you ever as a small business owner and/or blogger go and hire social media management? It's something I'm really considering but have no clue where to start and what to realistically expect out of it. I'm beginning to think I need a helping hand for now. I definitely want to get settled into a routine by myself in 2016.

I'm most likely bleaching my hair  later this week so this should be interesting. I'm done with this blue mess and ready to go back to pastels!

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