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Now it's official! This blog is now called Tiny Moon.  It's part of my plan to downsize and mesh things together instead of having a billion things. The process of transferring the name over and have it connect was absolutely annoying.  It was down for a week straight and had to go on chat support 5 times.

Thanks for all the messages about it!  I was definitely aware of the issue lol I've added extra weeks to all my sponsors for this crazy inconvenience. I hate not being in control of my own space.

hat/bag- tiny moon  dress-ross  leggings-sweet n' sour 
shoes- charlotte russe bracelet- gift  rings- stunner collective

I want summer to be over already so I can actually wear these sort of outfits all day long. I can only last a few hours in the heat with any layering. I've pretty much be in tank tops nonstop in black. I swear I'm not wearing the same shirt haha

These are my favorite leggings ever.  It's from a shop called Sweet N' Sour! There's all kinds of cute apparel and accessories. WANT IT ALL.

I am LOVING these rings from Stunner Collective! Moonstones are my thing now. Plus anything dark and sparkly is nice as well!  I really can't wait to get a new camera and new lenses. I miss taking close up shots!

A little watermelon bag I made recently. It was for practice since I've never done a lining inside a bag before.  I need to find a zipper and see if I can really turn this into a coin purse. I'm planning to make a much larger one for myself. FRUIT EVERYTHING.  Definitely strawberry and pineapple.

Happy Thursday!!

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