Corgi Amigurumi

Awhile back I made a brown corgi as a birthday gift and kind of didn't stop making them.  It gave me an excuse to shove other projects to the side and finally focus on creating an updated dog!  I've had some older designs right here. Improvement, right?!

I had gotten new safety eyes and some noses to try out too.  I'm not really used to the sizing so I'll have to experiment with those later.

My Fiance gave me this idea. I love the moon corgi ♥ it also fits with the shop name! haha

I've also realized that these could pass off as cats. I guess that's cool but there's just not enough things for dogs. I AM A CRAZY DOG LADY.

I'm making more cuties soon in different colors, sizes and disabilities.  A three legged dog is on top of my list. We used to see one when we went to a dog park and he was so energetic & adorable!

Which color is your fav?

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