Shop Update: New Designs

I'm overdo in sharing the latest in Minty Fox Designs! I made more time to do common requests like matching Etsy shop sets and business cards. I'll be working on improving the older designs and hopefully making them all responsive. It's 2015, it has got to happen now!
It bugs me so much that some websites can't be used on a mobile device.  Luckily Blogger has their own mobile version that most people enable anyway.

My latest requests has been more illustration/clip art and planner stickers. These sound like a fun challenge. I'm actually working on a Halloween set right now.  I might pick up a planner myself (any recommendations on those?)

 I type really fast but I miss writing things down and it'll be great to carry around something physical. Plus stickers are awesome. I never used mine when I was younger so I must make up time for it now! haha It'll also give me use for my pretty gel pens-- the glitter kind.

Have an awesome Friday!!

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