Style: Florals + New Piercing

The last two weeks have passed me by so fast! I got to work on a bunch of fun custom orders from lovely people. I'm most happy designing things. I'll need to make another post to share it all once I gather the images.  It forced me to manage my time better since very soon my main focus will be on classes.

There are so many things I want to do and I'm just going to do it instead of saving it for later.

Dress- thrifted  Nails- f21  Septum- lotus&co

How many times have I mentioned wanting a new piercing and never did anything? The opportunity came up and I didn't want to back down even though my anxiety gave me a heart attack. I was originally going to wait until Christmas but early present?!

It really didn't hurt. My lip still tops all of my piercings pain wise. This felt like a pinch similar to getting my ears pierced. I feel lucky! haha There were completely out of white gems so I chose this colored opal instead. It changes from green to blue and even red.

Anyone else thinking of getting pierced? :D

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