STYLE: Pastel Florals

This was my first ever dress purchase on Etsy. I've featured this one here a couple of times already.  I can't decide if this should be in my keep pile yet.  My wardrobe is about 1-2 sizes large now and I feel like I'm drowning in my favorite pieces :( I'm clearing out so many things to get money for fall/winter clothes.  I've already altered some but this dress I'm too scared to touch.

My style is definitely evolving around layering pieces. (FINALLY, I'm super late!)  Most of my clothing has gone untouched all year so I want new pieces I'll actually love to wear. If you've followed along for a long time, then you would have seen me basically wear only dresses. Mostly florals. It's time for an upgrade.

Who's ready for that fall fashion? I want everything in black, neutral and berry colors. I'm not going to get super thick winter stuff since California rarely ever gets cold enough for it.

Where do you get your favorite lightweight sweaters?

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