Inktober Roundup

I mostly did digital art for Inktober. I was trying to speed up my art process since I go from basic sketch, scan and a more detailed sketch in my program.   It wasn't too bad! Just need more practice and learning time.

I was feeling Sailor Moon, Ariel and Pokemon all at once.  I'm trying to improve drawing hands. It's the worst.  I'll rather make an attempt than not do it at all.

  Wednesday Addams inspired.

I did this sketch months ago but didn't do anything with it until now.

I have been thinking of grabbing some gouache paints for awhile. I don't own that much watercolour paper and I feel wasteful trying to practice on something that can get pricey haha.  I like that I can use these on my usual paper!

You can see my first experiment on the left. I was playing it safe keeping the paint light and watercolour like. I did watch some videos to understand how to use them better and my second go was more opaque.

Experiment doing line art first then using paint with brush pens and copic ciao markers.

Princess Bubblegum with no black lines :D

Have you done Inktober?  Upload your favorite piece in the comments or link to your post!! I'll love to see art :D

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