Pre-BBG Week 0

I'm starting the Bikini Body Guide aka BBG.  I haven't had a set routine in a couple of months and my motivation sizzled out. This particular guide is for 12 weeks. The results I've seen after 1-3 rounds is going to drive me to continue.  It's not a 30 day challenge and I don't want all of the hard work to go down the drain.

It's not budget friendly.  What disappointed me is that all the information in there is something you can find off of Google. The routines are not really special. Some workouts also require equipment and/or a gym membership. I'm more of 'save money each month' by doing it at home. On top of the price tag, you need dumbbells, a medicine ball, 2 flat benches, jump rope and a bosu ball.

The workouts seem shorter than what I've already been doing and don't use much weight lifting as I assumed so I'm skeptical.  I don't want to throw cash towards a gym membership so I'll be doing substitutions with kettlebells, a chair or steps.

I'm going to reduce fast food meals and alcohol until it's cut out completely. I'm sure I'll get results through consistently and how I haven't been 100% sticking to a routine. Who knows? Maybe it'll be worth it.

Last year my goals were focused on weight loss/booty gains and now I'm more into wanting ab definition.  I'm going to hold myself accountable and probably log every 1-2 weeks.  I'll take progress pictures every month.

Anyone else blogging about fitness? :)

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