Spirited Away Dress

Has it been over a year since my last outfit post? Probably longer. I'm going to slowly start to creep in once in awhile just to share a few things. I occasionally still post on IG though.

I got this dress about two weeks ago from Hot Topic because of a sale going on. I managed to pick up two more dresses that I may photograph later. Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies and I love No Face. Couldn't stop myself from getting it.

This dress normally goes for $59.90 but I scored it for $36. Looks like you can get it for even cheaper at $25 now.

There were mixed reviews on the website but looks like all are missing. I match to the larger set of measurements on a size Small. I fit decent in the dress. It's a form fitting dress so I have to step into it haha. The downsizes: this waistband has no stretch and the arms are slightly tight. A size up might be way more comfortable to wear!

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