Purple hair using Pravana Vivids and Arctic Fox

A few weeks ago, I attempted to go purple with Pravana! I wasn't expecting much because I had dyed my hair black last year with a permanent dye then used Arctic Fox's Transylvania when it had faded. It was months since I had last dyed it and it did fade but black dye is still the devil. I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

I used Color Oops first which resulted in patches of brown and lighter ends. The bleaching came out uneven as I expected and I already had backup purple dyes to use. I was going to cover the top with a blue toned purple (Special Effects) because it was darker. My ends were a mix of a pinky light brown so I went with a pink toned purple.

It was only temporary until I could redo it later. I had to go to work so having only two off days is just not enough time to do hair and have it look presentable if you're in-between bleaching sessions lol

Pravana Vivids Violet

I started the fading process using the basic mask shown in that link. I wanted to do a diluted lift without the use of developer. I applied coconut oil all over my head and left it in for 1 hour. I mixed 4 oz of bleach powder only with clarifying shampoo (forum post) and concentrated it on the top of my head mostly! I left it in for around 25 minutes.

I was nervous about lifting the purple out because it was going to go green and that could be a pain to cover.

This time I used Arctic Fox's Purple Dreams with a drop of Punky's Red Wine.

It looked more bright on top but I really wanted a vivid even toned deep purple.  I'm super picky about the kind of purple I want since I've tried many different shades of dyes. I had the opportunity weeks after to actually lift it completely and I'm already a different color.

The lesson is: do not use black permanent dyes. Go for dark brown dye because it always comes out darker anyway.

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