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I did weeks of research through youtube videos and reviews to get a better idea of quality and fit. I wanted multiple items that I could wear nearly every day of the week and not be broke over it. I did look into those expensive brands like Lululemon, Gymshark, Athletica, Nike and Victoria's Secret. Those brands just weren't anywhere near my price range. If you're looking for more affordable options then stick around for my list!

1. Old Navy

Always wait for the sales to happen. Usually, you can get around 20% off on already discounted items. I often got my leggings for around $10-$19. Some tops I got for $2-$6. Old Navy has plus sizes available from 1X-4X.

Plus High Rise Leggings $15
High Rise Mesh Panel Leggings $25
Plus High Rise Mesh Trim Leggings $18
Mid-Rise Floral Leggings $14.97

SALE: They are doing 30% off your order including sale items until 7/20/2018
  • Compression Leggings: I own several pairs of these in the mid and high rise. My favorite is their high rise because the compression holds your stomach in and looks flattering. The waistband stays up instead of rolling down. Their mid-rise tends to roll down a bit. I'm barely 5'2" and I own the regular length, 7/8-length, crop and petite. Most pairs are in black but I do own a gray and green. The material is not see through. These leggings have their "Go-Dry wicking technology". These are comfortable to wear and pass the squat test. 
  • Yoga Leggings: It has no compression but the same wicking material. I got their high rise one here. It's thin compared to the other leggings. This has an elastic waistband but it was too loose and rolled down. I wonder if sizing down would have worked. This would be great for light activities or lounging around
  • Sports Bra:

I only own one because their reviews didn't give me any helpful information. I generally fit into small/medium tops so I tried to play it safe with getting a medium to accommodate my bust. This particular style was very tight but had no support/cups. I managed to fit into this better after 2 weeks due to losing an inch off my bust. I don't know if it was supposed to tight for "compression" or if the sizing is off. I did wear this one during cardio and had no issues with it.

If you're busty then I wouldn't recommend ordering these online without trying it on first. It might not have a great fit if you're past a DD+ cup.
  • Other picks:

High-Rise Side-Pocket Compression Shorts for Women (5")
Relaxed Hi-Lo Tank for Women
Racerback Performance Tank for Women

2. Forever21

  • Sports Bras: 

    I own one medium impact and two high impact bras.  All of these are racerbacks. The black is the medium impact and looks like a crop top. It has no padding, cups or support. It's pretty thin compared to the other two. This would be best for low-intensity workouts or weight lifting. There is a high impact version here.

    The other two are my favorites because it has compression, removable padding cups, and a better elastic band.  The material for both has various percentages of Nylon/Polyamide and Spandex/Elastane. Due to my bust size, this at best is a medium impact and I've successfully done high-intensity workouts comfortably. It's not 100% compression. Not sure if I could've sized down in these but there was loose fabric above the elastic band.

    Size reference: 35" bust with bra size 30FF UK. Size mediums
3. Joylab

I came across this brand a couple of times. People have mentioned their sports bras are decent for those who are busty. There are several styles for medium impact sports bras for straight and plus sizes. Personally, I haven't had a chance to try any activewear from them yet. They seem to go out of stock pretty fast. Joylab has plus sizes available from 1X-4X. You can buy it from Target.

Plus Long Line Crop
Plus Floral Print Sports Bra
Seamless Sports Bra
Plus Swirl Print Scoop Sports Bra

Old Navy has frequent sales so this would be the cheaper option. Sometimes Forever21 has some of their sports bras on sales but usually, most of the sizes are out of stock at that point.

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