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I had completed Round 1 of BBG back in April of 2016 but I didn't document it fully since it didn't fit my blog's niche. Before I had started on this program, I was active 5 days a week doing pilates, weight lifting, kickboxing and the occasional hike. I still wasn't prepared for this program. I'm not much of a cardio person so HIIT was tough.

Originally the guide had you pre-train by walking for a month and that's not enough. There's an updated version of Round 1 that has modified exercises to prepare you for the regular 3 months of hell

Now in 2018, I wasn't regularly active anymore. My job was too physically demanding and draining. I did make it to 5 weeks of BBG at some point but got a minor foot injury and stopped completely. It was difficult to stay motivated. I was already lifting heavy for hours at a time at work so my weight was maintained for over a year until I got promoted. My jeans were too tight and I pretty much only had one style in like 10 pairs. Who wants to buy another set of work pants? Not me.


I had to modify the modified exercises to fit my strength levels. I didn't do much rest days since I was feeling up for it. If you are new to the program then you need to rest because leg days suck. For the first two weeks, I had to do some extra stretching before and after. I really felt sore. Weeks 3 and 4 become slightly more challenging and have some minor rep increases.


Before I was ordering takeout multiple times a week, drinking soda and barely any water. It was easy for me to change because I went overboard with the comfort foods to the point of not even wanting it anymore. Too much nacho fries is a thing apparently. Within 4 days of a diet change, I dropped about 6lbs.  
Protein and greens were consumed more than fruits/sugar. Water daily intake goal was around 80 oz / 2.4 liters. This helped with bloating so much.
I put on weight pretty evenly. I measured an increase of 2-3 inches around everything. Cardio and full body workouts were great for loss in my past so this is why I chose BBG.

Due to my schedule, I had to do LISS sometimes in the morning and do HIIT at night. I started BBG in the last week of May. I don't think it was on a Monday but oh well? Got to make it work.

The last two pictures are pretty similar. I've managed to maintain the initial weight loss. The images suck right now since I'm re-arranging my room and getting a better mirror to replace my broken one.


Heaviest weight: 132lbs
Waist: 29"
Stomach: 34"

Current weight: 124-125lbs
Waist: 28"
Stomach: 31.5"


I highly recommend getting this foam mat because it's super thick. I've had it for years already. I also listed these weights I used for pre-training but plan to go heavier as the months go by. You don't need to go all out and buy everything in her guide if you are doing the program at home. You can use chairs, stairs, couches, heavy items to replace weights, etc. 
Since Jawbone's activity tracker doesn't work anymore and customer service is nonexistent now, I had gifted myself a Fitbit. 

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