Amazon Favorites

I've used Amazon so much this year to try out new products and stock up on favorites. I've spent so much time browsing other people's lists on there. Searching on your own can take too long to come across something decent so here I'm sharing my favorite buys!

There are good budget-friendly shears when you need a trim! It made touching up my bangs easy to do since it was so sharp.

I only bought this to destroy my legs with since I've been nonstop battling ingrown hairs. This towel actually makes a difference. It's really long so you can scrub your back with it as well. It's rough but perfect for exfoliation and lifting up hairs

A very tiny ceramic iron that I used to style my bangs with! I always took this with me if I were going to be away from home. There's no temperature control but it heats up well and fast.

This is amazing to use as a mask after you've bleached or damaged your hair. I wasn't able to make it work as a leave-in for my hair type. I used it as a rinse out conditioner. It's extremely heavy so if you have curly hair and need that kind of moisture, then this is for you.

This was my favorite product for my chapped lips. The only issue is that they don't make a smaller portable size. This product is huge! I've used this on my face as well for any dry patches.

This is my favorite brand for water bottles. I've gotten the 32oz for $18 and the 40oz for $21. Normally it's in the $25-$30 range. I've put ice in this bottle at midnight and woke up in the morning with very cold water. It has double wall insulation and does not sweat! It's handwash only.

I love to use these for work and school. I tend to write really fast and these pens are super smooth! I often stock up on these packs and the black ones.

Everyone needs an external battery for Pokemon Go! I use this for my iPhone 6s. It charges fast and while you play.
I've used these to store Japanese curry! These are great for freezing. I like using these containers since it's compact and you can stack to save room. I've seen similar containers that are taller and deeper but these are enough for me.
These were recommended to me. I immediately bought the 20 pack before trying one. I really love ramen and the spicy sold me. It's not super hot but still has more flavor than anything I've gotten from a store. I always added egg and green onions!

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