Style: Plaid Dress

I started to collect some dresses from Hot Topic about 2 years ago. I had decluttered my wardrobe around that time and I was left with just basic dresses. It felt boring to me. There was one dress that I thought was cute on the website but it wasn't available in my size and soon went out of stock. I never saw a restock on there.

I used to love to go thrifting and now I do it online! I browsed Mercari one night and saw the exact dress show up in my size. It was a sign! I bought it immediately because I had a $5 coupon on my account which made the total only $15! Hot Topic was selling it for $35.

Mercari is my go-to app for thrifting since the prices and shipping are usually cheaper. Poshmark has more name brand options. I've used it a couple of times!

I got a new camera more than a year ago. I no longer use Canon and made the switch over to mirrorless Sony! I'm not used to the settings yet since I had a busy schedule. I did figure out that I could use my phone as a camera remote which is interesting. I'm going to try to get back into photography as a hobby.

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