Tiny Moon is a blog that focuses on a variety of topics:  art, handmade, crafts, fashion, fitness and Fungal Acne safe skincare. I'll love to promote similar blogs, small business owners, websites and the handmade community. Check out where we have been featured.

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 Update 2020:

This message is for brands only:

I only accept collaborations via sponsored items or payment at $100USD minimum per post. Absolutely no low quality or irrelevant articles with a ton of backlinks. This is a space of quality.

 If you want me to work with you: my time and effort is not free.  Banner ad space starts at $15 per month and size must fit my sidebar.

I may not be active with blog posts anymore but my blog and social media accounts still generate traffic and engagement. 

Small businesses like Etsy, Storenvy and similar platforms:

Ad space is $2 per month for a size that can fit in my sidebar. I accept collaborations via sponsored items for review or a product placement in a Cute Finds post for $5USD.

Ad space is done through Paypal! Contact here:


Sponsored posts

I'm available to review relevant products in a featured single post or place your product in a Cute Finds post. I only accept things that fit my blog. It has to be relevant and something I can support or I will not accept no matter the offer. I never write reviews of products I haven’t personally tried out because my blog is not a space for that. 

Tiny Moon is a for profit blog. All opinions are mine, honest and unbiased. I only support items I want, use or like. Sponsored items will be noted "c/o" (courtesy of). Please keep in mind that negative reviews will still be posted unless you specify otherwise. Not all sponsorships, giveaways or sponsored posts will be accepted. 

Ad space is non refundable.

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