Etsy Shop Feature: Ornately Lanterns

As I was searching on Etsy for cute stuff for the garden, I found Ornately Lanterns and fell in love with this cat suncatcher glass block! The colors are so beautiful!! I love designs with cats with moons & stars, pretty sure it's due to my obsession with Sailor Moon. ;)

Clare handpaints lanterns, glass blocks, mason jars, and more! Here are a few more of my favorites, very very difficult just choosing a few.

The little cat lantern version. It's so pretty with a candle!

Elephants Painted Glass Block

Isn't this one awesome? She originally designed it for an Indian craft fair. I love the rich colors in this one.

And the last one I'm sharing... The Rainbow Farm Painted Glass Block is so cheery & adorable. I love all the little details in the valley and the vivid rainbow!

Do you like suncatchers as much as I do?! Check out the rest of her designs in her shop

Which ones are your favorites?

16 Floral Mitten & Glove Patterns

I love flower and lace motifs so I put together a collection of some of my favorite crochet and knit mitten/glove patterns. It's not quite cold here in California yet but it's never too early to start making winter accessories!


$5.00 USD

$4.00 USD

$3.41 USD

Published in the book Ruby & Custard's Crochet





$5.50 USD

$6.04 USD

$4.64 USD

$4.64 USD

$4.00 USD

$5.00 USD

$5.50 USD



Which designs are your favorites?

5 Pretty Lace Knit Clothing Patterns

Here are some lovely sweaters and tops in delicate lace designs, perfect to wear over summer dresses and during spring. I love the look of long cardigans but also cropped ones with cute little lace!  

Long Sweater
$8.95 USD

$7.00 USD

$6.72 USD

Cropped Cardigan


What kind of cardigans do you like?
Do you like subtle lace or bigger lace patterns?

Etsy Shop Feature: Eten Iren

I might be a little obsessed with succulents. I've been trying to propagate some and it hasn't really gone well so far. Now I'm just playing the waiting game to see if any more will start to rot. Until then, I figured I'd check out some cute succulent stuff on Etsy.

When I saw the thumbnails of the succulent jewelry from the Eten Iren shop, I thought they were real so I had to click to confirm! But nooo, they're made out of polymer clay... which is great for people with black thumbs like me!

This shop is full of succulent and floral themed jewelry, hair accessories, and more.

 I really love the colors on this one!

These are adorable -- looks almost flower petal-y.

Another great color combination! Looks almost exactly like one of my succulents.

I really like the idea of having a succulent ring because I can look at it all day. I'd love to have an anacampseros version!!

Now here's some of my favorite flowery ones, mostly pansies. I did start to like the color yellow more because it makes my brain all 'sunny' though.

Which ones are your favorite? Do you prefer other kind of succulents, flowers, or other plants? Tell me about them! There are a lot of flowers and plants that I like but I have no idea what they're called.

Watercolor Logos

I created these logos for a client that wanted a watercolor design such as flowers or a sun with a swirly font. I painted the watercolor by hand, scanned them, and made some adjustments in Photoshop.

When creating mockups, I like to stick to 1 or 2 ideas and modifying them a bit to show slightly different versions in design, colors, placement, or fonts. That way, they don't get overwhelmed by too many choices.

I try to combine all my ideal elements in just one logo. I'll add other possible options in the other version(s) so they can pick and choose what they like best from each one. However, usually the clients choose my favorite one with no modifications!

Which one of these logos do you prefer and why?

Do you like hand-drawn or modern classic style logos for handmade businesses and creative bloggers?  

New Premade Logos & Mini Branding Kits

I just added 4 more premade logos on Minty Fox Designs. I'm trying to create more minimal typography based designs that'd be great to use as signatures or watermarks. I love fonts and there's just so much I want to design right now.

I also made a few more watercolor splash designs. I really like this purple!

I love this butterfly shaped one, it makes me think of macro nature photography. The watercolor splash design is inspired by pointillism.

And I had to make a badge style logo with one of my favorite color combinations:

I'm also beginning to add some mini branding packages which include a main logo, alternate logo, and submarks/watermarks.

Here is a gold foil script design with leaf laurels:

And my new favorite... moon designs!

  • Are you into current design trends or do you like something different?
  • What color combinations are your favorite?