Sewing: Retro Swing Dress

I used WhattheCraft's Retro Swing Dress Pattern. My measurements are kind of all over the place but I made size small and with the stretch fabric, it fits good. The belt is from a pencil skirt I got forever ago at like Macy's. I wish I could find another one like it!! (Maybe in a purple? Hint hint!)

This pattern really does need a petticoat to look epic. Of course, I don't have one so I cheated and used my tulle/crepon skirt from my Sailor Moon Human Luna cosplay.

I've made a couple princess seamed bodices and circle skirts before and found this pattern easy to follow. I don't really have experience using commercial patterns so I love to use indie patterns/tutorials. I tried making a dress pattern from Vogue before and the sizing was weird and just nope.

I've only sewn stretch fabric from scratch once before and figured it couldn't be too hard. I just looked for a color I liked in a stretch fabric and found Ity Silky Jersery Knit. (It seems the Caribbean Green color is no longer available.) I never used this type of fabric before and assumed it couldn't have been much different from the knit rib fabric. I had no idea what to expect because for once, I didn't get around to reading up on it first.

It turns out the fabric is super slippery. It probably took me all day just to cut out all the pieces. I spent forever trying to figure out what needle would work with the fabric. I destroyed a scrap of the fabric with skipped stitches everywhere and also ended up breaking a couple of the needles. I had to buy 3 different sets of needles until I found one that would actually work!!

So I really like this dress design and when I ordered the green fabric, I figured sure I'll get the fabric in another color too so I can make two dresses! Good idea, the fabric is going to be hibernating in the closet for years now. But I will definitely be making more of this pattern someday, just in a different fabric!!

Do you have any favorite sewing patterns? Always looking for new projects! :)

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